Essential Oil + Upcycled Tshirt Shoe Sachets

Living in the house with a bunch a boys can be stinky. I don't think there was any way to sugar coat that. I was desperate for something that would help control the shoe stank problems and your standard lavender sachets weren't going to cut it. My husband hates the smell of lavender. (What?)

I've been curious about essential oils for a while now, and admittingly I've not taken the plunge. But I'm lucky enough to have some great friends who live oily lifestyles. After a few emails and research we came up with the best essential oil recipes for deodorizing and disinfecting shoes. Check out my latest tutorial on BERNINA's We All Sew to learn how you can use newspaper, baking soda, essential oils and upcycled t-shirts to make sachets in minutes.


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