How To Make an Ewok Applique T-shirt

I can't figure out why Star Wars hasn't capitalized on the fact that everyone loves an Ewok- shouldn't there be more products available for us to cuddle, dance around fires, and go into battle with? Today I'm sharing an easy to make Ewok applique design that can be used to decorate your favorite tees, onesies, bags and so much more.

You'll Need: 
1/4 yard of Pellon Wonder Under
Tshirt Scraps in beige, brown, yellow, black
Ewok Template Downloaded & Printed
Ball Point Needle & Thread

1. Resize your Ewok to fit desired canvas using this formula if needed. Printing the template I provided at actual size will yield an applique Ewok that measures 5.5'' x 5'' if you would like to make boys shirts like I have you will need to enlarge the template 211%.

2. Trace each element by slipping it underneath a sheet of Wonder Under. Use a pencil or black sharpie market to transfer trace each shape individually.

3. Cut out the approximate shape from Under Wonder be sure to leave 1-2'' of additional area around the edges. Having the additional underwonder will help you keep your cuts precise while working with knit material applique bits.

4. Fuse the Under Wonder to the wrong side of your fabric as directed.

5. Cut out the applique pieces along the lines.

6. Remove paper backing and begin laying out your design. Start with the hood piece first, add ears by sliding under 1/8'' overlapping the hood and bottom ear shape.

7. Build your applique and adjust layout to your preference.

8. Heat set applique pieces into place following directions provided.

9. Top stitch with a lengthened straight stitch (I like 3.0mm) using a ball point needle on your sewing machine. Carefully sew each element into place using a coordinating thread if you prefer.

 In the wise words of Master Yoda, do or do not- there is no try. With large and uncomplicated shapes this Ewok applique is great for beginning sewist & kids alike. They're also really easy to take care of too: How to Wash Appliqued Shirts. Have fun and be sure to check back all weekend long for more Star Wars DIY as we are celebrating the release of The Force Awakens!

Applique Patterns from TrashN2Tees: 


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