How to Wash Appliqued Tshirts

A sewn on applique is one way that anyone can transform a regular tshirt into something that is one of a kind and extra special. After spending the time ironing, cutting, and sewing the designs into place the last thing you want to worry about is your applique falling off or fraying in the laundry!

You can imagine that my boys wardrobe is made up in large by TrashN2Tees designs, many of which have been handed down from big brother to little brother. These tees have weathered chocolate milk explosions, mud baths, and even the occasional slumber. (Never wake a sleeping toddler!) One thing that I promise anytime you purchase a TN2T tee is (awesome designs- a given!) heirloom quality. I want you to be confident in knowing that these are made with the upmost quality and care possible. And they'll last!

Have you ever put an appliqued something-or-other in the washer and wondered if it would survive? I'm going to share with you a few tips on how you can wash (and scrub out) applique tshirts and keep them looking fresh longer- they're not as high maintenance as you might think.

Laundry Tips for TrashN2Tees Appliqued Tshirts

  • Turn your tees inside out when washing to help protect the applique
  • Avoid fabric softener 

  • Hand dry or tumble on low 

  • Iron as needed

This being said, keep in mind that any of my patterns or styles are made from reclaimed tshirts. If you happen to have a shirt that has a felt applique then caring for it is different. Felt appliques can be washed by hand in cold but not dried in dryer.

Applique Patterns from TrashN2Tees: 


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