Counting Down the Days

Are we there yet? How much furrrrrrrther? I've been feeling like this myself, and its not for any road tripping reasons. 

Kim and I have been working hard on our collaboration for the #LumberjackAttack line- you've see a few sneak peaks here and there including the 1st Edition hybrid-applique tees that are currently available in the shop. 

Just last week Joyful Roots revealed a limited edition pre-sale fabric bundle that coordinates (PERFECTLY!) You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of colorful lumberjack prints available ready to ship in Kona cotton (you know you want to make a quilt!) or special orders for organic cotton and more. Pssst! All fabric purchases are made though Joyful Roots.

And here I am counting down the days until... August 17th when the complete line debuts!!!!!! (And anyone local can join me that weekend at the Riverside Arts Festival in Easton Pa for first dibs!) 

In addition to the new hybrid tees which are screen printed by hand onto tshirts that are made from recycled soda bottles and recycled cotton- I'll also be stocking complete DIY sewing kits packaged with everything you'll need to make your very own plush lumberjack!

Wanna read a little more about this collaborative project? Check out Kim's blog:

You need a lumberjack axe, I know you do. My pal Huntley of Huntleyswood whipped up the ones used for the photoshoot & fashion show- You can purchase your own in his Etsy Shop.


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