Lumberjack Launch Party

Happy Tuesday. Happy 3rd week of school. Happy Launch Day! It's only been a few months since Kim and I connected and decided to collaborate on the Lumberjack line designing fabric, clothing, and even a DIY Sewing kit that keeps plastic out of our landfills! You'll be able to read all about the creative process on Oh My Handmade today. And if you ask me there is no better way to celebrate then with a cupcake.... and lumberjack parties have maple bacon cupcakes!! 

Maple Bacon Cupcake Recipe: FreshFridge
How'd this lumberjack theme come along anyway? As a young girl, I remember living near a creek (stream, crick.. whatever you call it!) and looking up at the towering oak trees. Many days were spent beneath the shade of those trees collecting crawfish, climbing into tree houses, and using our imaginations. Yeah- total tomboy. The neighborhood kids and I would pretend that we were lumberjacks by sawing away at the trunks with our make shift card board saw blades. 

Fabric: JoyfulRoots Trees & Lumberjack Prints
Hosting a Lumberjack party was not only a great excuse to gather our friends, but also offered the opportunity to show off and photograph some of our Lumberjack Attack Collection. If there is one thing that's become clear to me, its the fact that at least for the next 3-5 years I'll have no part in choosing birthday party themes- Ninjago, Lego Star Wars, and who knows whats next: Lego Chima?

TrashN2Tees Hybrid Tees
 The kids had fun and there was no doubt that the painted logs were a huge hit and made for a colorful and unique background! Thank you Autumn & Skye for spending an entire day to make that happen for us!

TrashN2Tees Lumberjack Tshirts

Those cardboard saws were an option, but lucky for these kids I've got handmade connections. Ha! I called up my friend Huntley who just started up his own Etsy shop called Huntleyswood and asked him (1) if I could use his property and (2) if he'd be up for making me a few axes! They turned out so great!

Kim's got a few goodies on her blog today including a free Lumberjack printable- stop by say hi! Be sure to shop both Joyful Roots Studio an TrashN2Tees because a portion of our sales from the Lumberjack Collection will be used to plant trees in the Atlantic Forest, to help protect and restore a natural treasure through Plant A Billion.

For a chance to WIN a fat quarter bundle that includes the exclusive pre-release plaid enter The Sewing Loft's National Sewing Month giveaway.

We're celebrating all week long and hope you'll join the party- Become a lumberjack using this free download/overlay and upload a picture using hash tag #LumberjackAttack or tag @Trashn2Tees @JoyfulRoots

Here's how: First, download the beard from the link provided (if you download from Facebook it won't work). Get your beard here:

In PicMonkey, click edit photo. Upload the photo you want to adorn with a beard. Click the "butterfly" button on the left toolbar. This loads the overlay tools. Choose "Your Own" and upload the beard. Then place and adjust. Save. Whallah! YOU are a lumberjack!

Do you have a Lumberjack Collection favorite? The fabric? The plush DIY kits? The hybrid tees? Let us know in the comments below!


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