10 Lumberjacks You Should Know

10. – Joseph Montferrand better known as “Big Joe Mufferaw” – Famous Canadian logger born in 1802.

9. – The Stephen F. Austin State University Mascot – “The Lumberjack”

8. - Larry Pelletier, the most “lumberjack-erish” of the gentlemen on Discovery’s “American Lumberjacks”

7. – The “Marching Lumberjack” of Homboldt State University

6. – The “Axemen” of Acadia University

5. - Brawney Man of Paper Towel Fame

4. – Michael Palin of Monty Python’s “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Ok”

3. Paul Bunyan (seen here in Akeley-Minnesota)

2. The “Log Diver” from The Log Divers Waltz

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