Heirloom Clothing, Passing 'em on, Crying Your Eyes Out

Last week I rounded up some t-shirts and the boys and we headed out for a day on the town. The mission was to shoot some product shots for my back to school tees. The majority of new styles were either too small or too big for Tristen to model. So I brought along some of his own shirts- I didn't want him feeling left out and you can never have too many pictures of your own kids, right?! It wasn't until after I got home and started editing I realized how many tshirts have survived the hand-me-down abuse from these 2 rascals.

Today I'm sharing some of the photos from our shoot and some throwbacks too. What a great way to tell the stories behind our own tshirts and a testament to the craftsmanship and durability that I promise each and every time I create one for you.
This yellow hot rod car was my 3rd automotive design- it's a hand-me-down and is actually almost 4 years old.
(Photoshoot/Irregular Newspaper 2013)

You can see how the car design has evolutionized over the years. The red car is another hand-me-down of the newer design (that's currently available for custom orders in the shop) Originally designed and worn for Sams Hot Rod Birthday Party.

Originally designed for Sam 2011

So here's a bit of TN2T history- you may already know the story, but basically the whole business was started after designing the first Monster Truck, shortly after that I made this flamed Mercury Lead Sled design which was never offered in the shop. After that came the blower motor car (yellow) which evolved into a mustang looking muscle car (red.) Below is T riding at the skate park in his Lead Sled tee.
While digging through the archives I also found this gem, which includes the blower motor car with matching pants (I offered these made to order when I first opened shop!)
There are so many more TrashN2Tees tees that have been passed down, including a few BMX bikes, monster trucks, and ninjas. It's always bitter sweet, sometimes its easy to convince yourself that the kids aren't growing at lightning speeds- but it always seems to hit me when I'm able to put something Sam wore onto Tristen. I'm wondering if anyone else gets those sappy feeling when it comes to passing on clothing. What types of items do you find you're most sentimental about?


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