Summer Boredom Busters for Boys

If I hear, "Mooooooooom! I'm bored!" one more stinking time... can you relate? I'm torn between wanting to drop everything I have going on for a few minutes of playtime or cuddles and running away to hide in a closet, rocking myself back and forth. If homeschooling the boys has taught me one thing... it would be always have a back up plan. That translates into a dozen or more 'keep my kids busy so I can sew this one last shirt' activities that are scattered around the house, in my studio, or used when we just need to get the heck out of the house! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Boredom Busters for Boys-

1. Have/get/make a costume box. Immediately. Ours is always growing and includes anything from super hero costumes/masks, neck ties, suits (because sometimes they like to be Bruce Wayne), pirates, athletic jerseys, and of course they're are cloaks & capes. You can grab costumes on clearance after Halloween for a few bucks but I always seem to find the best ones at thrift stores & yard sales over the summer.

2. the website pretty much says it all- check it out and see if you have a local bowling alley participating in the summer program.

3. Make a time capsule and bury it in your yard.

4. Give them a camera. Photography is a great skill to learn and I'm continually amazed (and grateful for the chance) at seeing the world through their eyes. Some days we'll set up in the studio and take photos of their favorite toys, like this picture of the Ninjago Zane- it was taken by Tristen. On days that this isn't enticing enough; I'll jot down a quick list and have the boys go on a photo-scavenger hunt around the house. Take a picture of an action figure on top of something, fruit in a bowl, a lego sculpture etc.

5. Build a fort in your living room, bedroom, outside. Fort building can happen anywhere.

6. Pick Sticks Lego Creation, always popular. We have a can that include words/pictures of different nouns, the boys have to pick a stick and build whatever it is.

7. Ride a bike. You may already know that we spend time at the local bike parks- they're great for giving mom a heart attack and for the guys to get some time hanging with the boys.

8. Attend a Make & Take workshop for kids- check out your local Lowes, Home Depot, Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby Craft Stores for more info.

9. Play in the mud. It's a right of passage for boys to squish mud pies between their fingers! Just in case you need to ease into this idea here are 30 ways you can play in the mud

10. Set up an obstacle course.

11. Call for reinforcements! Make a date with friends and play together. Need game playing inspiration? I gotcha covered there too- check out the TrashN2Tees We Play. pinterest board.

12. Make homemade ice cream in a zip lock baggie - You'll love this recipe.

13. Have a dance party- it's crazy right? But I stop whatever I'm doing to host an impromptu dance off and I promise it makes any crazy stressful day 100x better.

14. Make a tshirt together, okay I'm partial to this one. Sam is always drawing up new ideas for tshirts in his notebook or you can pick my Monster Truck Applique pattern (Over 5,000 Ways to Design & Customize your own monster truck!) but worry if you're not into sewing.. why not tie dye, fabric paint, or freezer stencil some style.

15. Make a museum. Ask the kids to curate a collection and take you on a tour. I've visited rock collection, Lightning McQueen curations, and it's always hilarious to hear the stories behind why they included an item or what it means.

We're halfway through summer vacation, what have you been doing to bust up the boredom? Share your ideas with me in the comments below!


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