Building Character and Confidence in a Teekini

As soon as I finish a project I want to to hurry up and share it with all of you. I think that's why I love Instagram. However, this has taught me a few things about my maker schedule and I've learned to plan accordingly. For instance: no sewing at night- because there's not enough light to take pictures and because I'm grumpy if I don't get enough sleep. (Who isn't?!)

Last week when I finished up this teekini tutorial, I also learned another valuable lesson. Even if most of the time you're exuding self confidence- parading around your back yard in a bikini can build character. Now most of you are probably thinking, why the heck would someone be self conscious in their own back yard? Well as it happens the particular afternoon I was outside shooting images for the Teekini Tankini tutorial everyone on my block decided to watch from their windows (creepy!!!)

I get that its interesting, I'm styling and shooting photos all the time in my yard and around the neighborhood but give a girl some privacy. Sheeeeesh. That moment certainly made me homesick for our secluded (and sprawling) yard back in Kentucky. I survived though, after a mild bout of anxiety and insecurity and a little camera help from the mister. Recalling how anxious I felt and feeling a bit silly. Reminding myself again today- how lucky I am to have a healthy body that's weathered the storms of child birth: stretch marks and all.

Last week when I shared the selfish sewing post, I talked a little bit about the bathing suit design and the idea of needing a swim suit that could handle the "Picking-Up-and-Carrying-A-Kid-In-Midst-Of-Full-Blown-Tantrum-Because-We're-Leaving" test. And today you'll find the complete upcycled tshirt teekini tankini bikini tutorial available on the Bernina blog We All Sew.

I hope you'll take a look in the mirror today, and remember how beautiful you are inside and out. Then grab a few tshirts, make your own swim suit, and take a picture to celebrate.


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