The blog post that changed my life.

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I've been really reflecting on my story, or more specifically the TrashN2Tees story. With the new adventures- many people are interested in how it all got started. When I tell the story I tend start at the point where I broke out the dusty sewing machine and made the first ever monster truck tee from outgrown clothing for Sam.

Truely though, I think my it may have sparked when I wrote my very first blog post. My personal blogging venture was short lived, but you can still find it all here (a few broken image links included) at ecoMOMics.

Look at me, and my very first blog post!

I suppose I should start by saying thank you- thanks for taking the time to read up on whatever it is I have to share. Also thanks to you out there who also hope to make a difference in the world- I am not just talking about recycling and our environment (as important as it is!) I'm shouting out to those parents and families (both birth and adopted), friends, teachers, crime fighters, doctors, fire fighters, volunteers, politicians (certainly I have to believe there's at least a few good apples out there)
You dont have to fly to an orphanage in Uruguay and drill a well for this thank you, but heck yeah if you did! Even if you dont know it, you could possibly be making a small difference sitting right where you are- by being you.

My point is, you can be making a difference and not even notice. Being green doesn't have to be expensive, disruptive, or difficult. Today I want to share a few small changes that we've made around the house, and you can too.
I spent time late last night reading my old stomping ground, it didn't take long- there are a total of 11 posts with just as many followers. You get some candid shots of myself and the boys covered in mud, some beautiful quotes, and in the moment posts about my first days of having a WAHM business. Refreshing and humbling to realize that the roots of my business are grounded right there. You find posts at ecoMOMics about making a difference by just being yourself, mucho thanks, getting creative and then a few days later I confess,
 "Somewhere along this life adventure, I think I lost touch with my creative outlets. Slowly, piece by piece, I feel like I am rediscovering small parts of myself that might have been overcast by the daily chaos of mommyhood. Picking up photography must have been the beginning." 
The same things I still blog about today. Take some time & see for yourself, let me know if you think I choose the right biz name too- re: post July 31, 2010.


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