Tips to biz-rock it, for the interviewee.


It's always a pleasure to be asked for a guest post or interview. I've done a few now but I can remember how completely intimidated & unworthy it felt the first time. It was a feature for the local newspaper I'm pretty sure I didn't even discuss accomplishments, goals, or do much more than tell a simple story about how TrashN2Tees got started. 

Blog interviews are a great way to raise your level of authority, reach potential costumers, network, and gain street cred. An epic interview could possibly lead to other growth opportunities for you and your brand!

The next time someone wants to share their web pad & interview you, here are a few tips for chi.
  1. Get familiar with the audience. 
  2. Practice your elevator message- don't have one: get one. 
  3. Know your shiz. If they ask a question & you don't have a response say so. (Most often the interviewer will discuss what questions are being asked before hand- or if you are conducting your interview via email you can craft up a witty response)
  4. Promote yourself, but don't exaggerate. People can't argue the facts. (thank you Alex for driving that into my skull) 
  5. Share a meaty CBO. Challenge-Behavior-Outcome, a story or event that readers/listeners can connect with.
  6. Show enthusiasm and self confidence in your body language and tone of voice (even if they can't see you!) 
  7. Be yourself! 
You can find my most recent interview with A&PTeam from Etsy here

Have some interviewee tips to share? Post a comment below!  I'll be tweeting them from @TrashN2Tees.


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