My To Do List

Happy first week of June (can not believe it!) Sam has been out of school for almost 2 weeks now... and we've settled in to a rhythm of pj's and pbjs. Feeling dire need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE more, but at the moment we're family operating on uno automobile. Total bummer. I posted on facebook about our boring lunches, packing them up for a magical farm picnic only works so many times- and a few you shared your favorite summer lunches with me. Keep'm coming. Today we had ham spring rolls + apples, it was a hit.

Busy & exciting to do's this week. I'm pumped to be a part of (a sold out!) Erin Giles Rocket Your Revolution BETA program. A four week group coaching program that teaches you how to create and launch your revolution, build philanthropy into your business model, and CHANGE the world. Perfect fit for me, eh?

TrashN2Tees is guesting at Universal Mama on Hyena Cart- which is a collective of artisans. Tonight (Monday, 6/04) "Let Freedom Ring" stocking goes live at 10pm EST. 

Over at Oh My! we are exploring communities & what they are, how you build them. I'll be co-hosting the twitter chat on Thursday from 1-2pm  EST. New to the whole #chatting thing? #omhg chats have become a weekly ritual for many creatives in our community. Each week 20-50+ small business owners connect to share ideas, stories and support each other in real time.

Just moments ago I sealed the deal to work with a professional logo designer. Feels wonderful to say, "so long DIY+Control issues you & I are over!" I've been stuck in this box- this idea that having someone else design my logo/site/anything it wont get done right, because they don't care about my brand like I do. Factor in the additional $$$- I continued to do it myself, less expensive but not easier.  Amy helped me realize that I'm not giving up control by hiring someone to do it for me. ^revelation^ outsource the crap your 'okay' at to those who do it best, leaving you with more time to do what you do best. only took 3 years to learn that. (Thanks Amy!)

Once we nail down a color scheme I'll be scouring the corners of the webbernet & collaborating with Marisa from Omiyage on new packaging. Throw in sewing down some foodie tees, including a textured burger tee (one of my favorites) this week is looking busy on paper. I need to start Preparation H, but its so hard to think about the holidays in June.

So dish- what is your week looking like and what's for lunch?


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