Brainstorms- Get your wine & meet me in the basement.

It seems as though things are constantly evolving around here, and I was beginning to feel like the shop was getting stale. Most of last week was spent prototyping some new designs, writing up tutorials, and making plans for the app action.
New Style Tshirt Earrings- Not yet available
Tomorrow we're trekking back North to New Jersey- visiting familia, saying goodbye to our dear Bootsie, eating THE BEST pizza ever and popping the top to a Yuengling with old friends. MMmmm pizzzza. Before I leave I wanted to properly introduce you to a new custom order that is now available. You're childs artwork---> on a tee.

While your here, if you happen to spot a clever + huggable app design/deveoper to breathe life into revolutionaryly-epic & world changing project please send them my way. Nerd glasses optional. I'm also still looking for someone to design/host a pledge page for my international <Create Change.> event in November.


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