Monday, April 18, 2016

Fabric Manipulation and Textures with Knits

The ebb and flow of this creative journey is alluring isn't it? I truly never really know where I'm heading- even when I've written out a concise clear color coded plan. (It doesn't turn out quite like I try to plan!) But even so... I continue to embrace the opportunities and explore those that tickle the utmost wanderings and desires of my heart I feel a little like Goldilocks bouncing from chair to chair testing out.

Lately you might be noticing some quilting and lots of experiments with textures like this on the back of a quilt. It was done by adding layers of knit, line quilting, and then meticulously cutting between the rows careful not to go through the front. I'll be sharing a few more textures in the upcoming weeks here and you can always see more works in progress on Instagram.

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