Spring Clean Your Studio

I absolutely love getting a chance to breathe in the creative spaces of others and recently I had the chance to spend some quality time with my friend Jess of Quilty Habit in her home studio. As I at her desk and looked around at stacks of projects, scribbled notebooks, (oh my goodness her pretty fabrics!?!) and not to mention the freaking amazing quilts EVERYWHERE can honestly tell you I didn't notice a n y messes. She apologized for them, but I was honed in on soaking up inspiration all around me and asking her as many questions as I could. We always have such a great time when we get together!

This morning as I sat down to write this I thought, I wish I could the same thing with/for all of you. Invite you over, pull up a chair & just chat about anything. As luck would find us, Cheryl my darling friend invited me to join her annual Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop. Behold, us! (link, in case you want to see what we look like in real life) Welcome to where the magic happens, or at least parts of it. I'll show you around. First, let me say Hello! and introduce myself a little to any new readers- I'm Jenelle! I design sustainable sewing projects, sell upcycled ruler bracelets, am a published author, and have a clothing line for boys called TrashN2Tees. I live in New Jersey (and miss my old Kentucky home everyday- I'll go on about it for days if you let me) with my honey & our two boys. When I'm not sewing; we're out discovering treasures at local flea markets and thrift store, firing up the coal forge, and eating pizza.

My studio space is always evolving, because 1. I'd much rather chase down ideas than clean up and 2. I'm always evolving as a designer. Curiosity is tickling the tips of my toes right now, can't wait to get back to work! What I'm trying to say is, it's okay to try new set ups and tools or move things around- nothing is permanent and at the end of the day you want to have a space that feeds that desire in your belly to make something beautiful.

There ya go, not a picture I'm proud of putting on the interwebs. A hot freaking mess- this space ends up being a catch all for everything and anything in the mix. Time for some spring cleaning...

My 'stash' takes up quite a bit of room. It's not traditional fabrics- but hoards and hoards of discarded textiles and t-shirts. Those are kept quazi sorted in my basement and storage. The fabric you're about to witness in the next picture is almost the total amount of quilting cotton or ya know regular ole' fabric that I own. 

On my travels I collect little vintage dodads, scissors, seam rippers, they go with the 15 vintage machines I have down stairs. It's a sickness. I keep what I can around the house and in my studio space without looking like a hoarder! This display of sorts sits upon an old black set of drawers that keep all of my branding materials for shipping products- business cards, mailers, inserts, so on. The jars are sitting up on old drawers from a Singer Treadle. 

I wimped out on the challenge, because I didn't clean off my desk- so just to keep it honest I'll sign off with a glimpse. I hope you've been enjoying the blog hop so far and thank you for joining me here on the TrashN2Tees stop! Be sure to check out all the great studio spaces & share your own by linking up tomorrow on muppin.com! 

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