Business On The Side

Over 8 years ago- I started my first handmade business. Some of you may have been around back then, and if you're still here: that's pretty incredible & I want to buy you a drink! (and Thank You!) As I learned more about building a business, blogging, marketing- I realized it can be isolating and the work can at times feel never ending. I know how lucky I am to have established a community of maker friends who were always there to help me navigate issues that arise or brainstorm new ways to change the world.

This year, I am working alongside Nick on a side business- called Fire Rod and Steel. I offered to help set up his website and teach the ropes of online business. This is all coming from a man, who has no Facebook or Instagram accounts nor does he ever want to. Metal work has been creeping its way into the TrashN2Tees shop for a couple of years now. First the ruler bracelets, then pattern weights, natural dying with rust and now the thimble necklaces. They're small and manageable projects that fit within my branding, both sewing and reuse related. Working at the fabrication shop has allowed us to extra time together as a family & bouncing off creative ideas. Nick designs and builds a variety items using metal- on any scale. His work can be seen on the campus of Rutgers University, the ESPN building in NYC, and even the Franklin Institute. In the shop we will offer forged tools, repurposed & industrial inspired decor, and antiquities.

If you see rugged metal pop up in my feed, don't be alarmed. I'm not switching mediums entirely.


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