Dying Fabric: Dead Flowers

Anyone who follows my Instagram account in the Spring and Summer- knows how much I love fresh flowers. I've become good friends with the loveliest woman next door, her name is Ida and she is from Hungry. Ida has curated a beaaaautiful garden around her home and on those cool mornings I join her to weed, plant, transplant, cut flowers, and talk. I also find myself there often alone to think or sometimes to photograph. She inspires me in so many ways, I even named a quilt after her.

Dying fabrics with fresh picked flowers is one thing I've been leaning into, but when can you dye with flowers that were already dried and dead?

Yes! Yes, you can. I salvaged a dozen red roses and used half of them to dye the fabric here- I also added in some rusted tools which produced the yellow/rust effect off to the right.


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