The Morning After

Someone left me a giant bag of my favorite gummy bears beneath the tree yesterday- I'm trying to pace myself. One handful at a time. Ok, I'll admit it I bought the 3lb bag of Haribo candy for myself.

While I hope the day after Christmas finds you will your feet propped up, kindle fire on hand, and a frothy hot cocoa nearby- it's time for me to get my hiney back to work. It's kind of exciting too- December brought me a slew of welcomed distractions and a few curve balls but not enough time for creating. Is there ever enough? First things first though- I need to do some studio-keeping. Then I need to respond to emails. I've already wrestled with the serger earlier this morning. Ack!

The next few months I'll be meticulously sewing and writing and sewing some more as I'm putting together samples for my upcoming book and readying the copy. Which I've been having mild panic about, since it seems my writerly muse has left me. I let myself watch this TED Talk from Elizabeth Gilbert a moment ago for the umpteenth time. (It's that good ya'll)

Go on. Give it a watch. I'll still be here when you get back. While I'm sharing a bit of awesome today-
my pal Luke had a nice write up in the LA Weekly. He's a dude, who quilts. But even cooler Luke uses a mixture of old/new fabrics to make his designs. My favorite are series of people portraits. He first photographs them, then using the clothes they wore at the time the photo to make the quilt.



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