DIY Gifts for Boys

You're not surprised to know that I love giving handmade gifts- whether they're made by me or someone else! The people I surround myself with love them equally as much- but I learned the hard way that not EVERYONE appreciates the gesture.

2 years ago Sam's kindergarten teacher hosted a $5 gift exchange. Five dollars, we all know doesn't go very far and I wasn't about to send in a chintzy dollar store gift. Instead I opted to support an Etsy mama who made the most delicious holiday scented/non toxic play dough around. (Sad to see that she no longer offers it in her shop!) Packaged pretty with a few additional sweet treats- we headed to the holiday party at school. I can't recall how the gift exchange went but seared into my memory is the utter disappointment smeared on the little boys face who got- handmade play dough and not a knock off action figure. #momfail Maybe I'm being too hard on myself- but I have no doubt that these 15 DIY Gifts will to impress your son, neighbor, nephew, or grandsons.
Build A Fort Kit // Bloom

Matchbox Race Ramp // Pretty Handy Girl
Soft Rock Guitar // Makezine
Rollie Pollie Bean Bag Chair // Dana Made It
Tiny Legends: Big Foot // Small World Land
Washi Tape Car City // Le Jardin de Juliette

Cut & Sew Lumberjack Plush // TrashN2Tees
Lego Travel Box // Finley & Oliver

Wolf Mask // Oh My Handmade
Monster Wallet Cuffs // Spoonflower
DIY GAK Gift // Lil Luna
Build Your Own Monster Applique // Jenelle Montilone for We All Sew
Super Hero Cuffs // TrashN2Tees
Lego Gift Box Template // Lines Across

Have you been working on your handmade holiday gifts this year? Tell me more about what your making/giving in the comments below and please be sure to share links to any other great ideas!  
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