Christmas Card Wine Glass Markers

Today was the boys first day back to school since winter break- my plan was to soak up the silence, write out class descriptions for Craftcation, and dye fabric. However I love distractions (and procrastination) so when my friend Ron emailed me about creative reuse ideas for Christmas decorations my brain did it own thing. Sitting in front of me I have a luke warm cup of coffee (whoops forgot to drink it!) and a note book full of ways to reinvent your Christmas decorations so that they can be used all year long!

Personally, I've already put my holiday decorations away and including the lights ornaments and nick nacks I only filled 1 tote. I don't think I'm a minimalist? My general approach is to reuse my general home decor with seasonal updates and re-multi-purposes. Did you see that iron on deer applique video I shared on instagram?

One super quick easy and I'm a little biased... dare I say brilliant ways is to cut up those fancy holiday greetings into wine markers.

Trace the foot (aka as base) of your wine glass. Cut it out. The center circle cut out on mine measures 3/4" but I totally eyeballed it. Cut a slit to allow you to put on or take it off your glasses. Bam! Done. Now you just need an excuse to call your girlfriends over for wine and share the joyful greetings all year long. (Bonus: You can write a small note on the reverse side as a reminder of who sent the wishes/year and laminate for longer use! I thought this would be such a fun idea for those larger family gatherings too!)

Have you finished putting away all of your Christmas decorations yet? I'd love to hear any ways you reuse your holiday decor through out the year and will be sure to share a few more of my own ideas soon! Post a comment below and don't forget to share this with your friends!


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