Resizing Your Lumberjack Hat

If there was ever a good time to hunker down, grow a Grizzly Adams beard, and bundle up in sherpa fleece and lumberjack fabric- it would be this week! The frigid temperatures have kept everyone inside and prolonged the (anticipated for me at least) return to school and normal functions across the country. Sounds to me like a perfect time to get behind the sewing machine!

Today on We All Sew you'll find my free one-size-fits-most downloadable PDF pattern for the Lumberjack Hat. It's a quick and easy hat that takes less than an hour to whip up- hooray for raw edges and sweet baby smiles.

The pattern I shared comfortably fit all the kiddos at the launch party from 3-8 year olds and I've been known to wear it myself... but what happens when you want to make custom or wee bit sized hat for babes? Well, there's math for that.

Break out your trusty tape measure and  measure around the widest part of lucky wearers head (around forehead)

Add 1-2 inches to your original measurment; taking into consideration the fabric stretch, the bulk of your sherpa, and how tight you want the hat

Now, when you cut your cap pieces {top and side pieces} you want the finished circumference of the bottom of the cap to equal this number.
Are you still with me?

So if we're constructing a hat to fit a 20" head. The top strip width is 4.5 inches. Side piece width is 6.5 inches. The strip (x2 you're counting the front edge/back edge). There are two side pieces.

(4.5 in. x 2) + (6.5 x 2)= 22 inches

Subtract the seam allowances which should always be 2 inches if you always sew quarter inch seam allowances.  Here's how the seam allowances breakdown:
Subtract a 1/4" at each seam per piece. There are four seams and two pieces of fabric losing a quarter inch at each seam.
.25 x 4 x 2 = 2 inches

And waaaa-lah! Your finished circumference is 20". 

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