Cupid's Wings Applique Tutorial

There aren't many things sweeter than chubby cheeks, cloth diapers, and cupid wings- are there? Mildly missing the days when my own caped crusaders were pint sized. These days they're way too cool to be wearing wings- well that's according to Sam. I've been in a wild frenzy of sewing and shipping out I Heart Mom and Dad tees but wanted to spread even more love by way of cupid! Here's a free template and tutorial for making wings using reclaimed fabric and t-shirt.

Click to Download TrashN2Tees Cupid's Wings Applique Template 

What You'll Need: 
Scrap Fabric (I used lace curtain panels for the finished one and a white tshirt for step by step photos)
Heavy Weight Interfacing (I used Pellon 71F Peltex®)
Thick Quality Felt

1. Trace and cut out your wings. (If using felt skip to 4)

2. Using iron fuse to your fabric. Trim to size. Sew edges.

3. Place on back of shirt and pin. Be sure that your wings are no lopsided and that you are pinning through the wings and only 1 layer of tshirt.

4. Imagine the wing span divided into 3. Following along the wing shape stitch down the middle 1/3 of the wings.
Tell me in the comments below, how will your spread the love this month? 


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