Citizenship is for Everyone: Creative Communities

I always giggle a little about how the world works around us- sometimes it's easy to see a common thread weaving in and out of your day while others that life lesson can be less pronounced. Always fueling my fires, tickling my thought train- is the amazing community of creatives at Oh My Handmade Goodness. For those of you who've been following TrashN2Tees and my personal journey over the years- you know very well how much these connections have impacted my life. Professionally and personally. Occasionally I contribute businessy goodness posts to the Oh My blog where I talk about real mentorship and fostering thriving communities.

Contributing, in any form- is the least I can do to give back to a community that has nurtured my soul. There's something to be said about working together as a collective for the common good of all. We've built up our resources, collaborated on stellar projects, and mastermind world take overs- sometimes all in the same day. Nurturing the seeds of what we has a community of makers, a legion of human beings need- we've made a space that invites you to explore, asks honest hard knocked questions, and inspires you to reach for the stars. Today, we at Oh My! have opened our doors to offer a give what you can payment plan- because our community cares. We are leading by example and show community isn’t something to sell, it is something to give.

If you have ever alone in the world, in business, if you've ever had questions to ask but google didn't find the answer, if you've ever wanted to know what I had for breakfast, if you have views to share about the state of handmade or a view of coffee. If you're working a 9-5 and managing a crafty empire into the wee hours of the night hoping to one day make it a full time job, we understand. Trying to juggle the balance of running a business (home/creative/otherwise) comb your hair, and feed your kids something more than premade Smuckers PB&J- we would love to invite you to join us.


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