Memories of a T-shirt Quilt

Nearly 2 years ago I made this quilt for Nick from over a dozen t-shirts he, his mom, and his step father had acquired from years of attending World of Outlaws dirt track racing events. They had gone ever since he was little. Long after he was grown, Eldora Speedway was one track we'd all go to meet at- us driving up from Kentucky and them from New Jersey. Memories I'll always cherish. Some of the shirts dated back to 1980's (and some vintage shirts I kept for myself because they were too good to cut up!) It's one of the best gifts I've been able to give him. Yesterday I had a chance to shoot some photographs of it- I got all mushy and sentimental thinking about how much more meaningful this gift is today compared to the day I made it. You see, just a few months ago we lost his mother to lung cancer. It's a comforting reminder that her legacy will still warm the boys hearts (and tiny toes!) for years to come.

In my upcoming book- The Upcycled T-shirt I collaborated with Britta Folden to design and construct a unique quilt made from tees. It's unlike anything you've seen before. I can't wait to see what you guys think of it... can.not.wait! If you are interested in having a custom made t-shirt quilt made check out Queen B Quilts or sew one yourself using this easy memory tshirt quilt tutorial from Pellon. 

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