Empty Thread Spools Are Recyclable:

There's nothing worse then sitting down to finish a sewing project only to find that you're spool is. almost. empty. I've made the joke that if genie granted me one wish it would be for magic thread that never runs out and changes its color to match whatever I'm sewing. Seriously- that would be great.
Until then, we're just going to have to deal with the occasional empty spool. Just last night I was browsing some of my favorite groups when another lady posted the question:  
"What do you do with spools that are almost empty?" 

Some of the responses included crafty reuse, which I'm always a fan of- check on Pinterest or Craftgawker from some great inspiration! But for a many few of you... empty spools add up quickly. I was flabbergasted that some responses suggested throwing them away. Wahhhh! People we are in 2015. Plastic thread spools are made of polypropylene which is a recyclable plastic product. You can toss empty spools right into your recycling bin! The shrink wrap packaging around your new spanking spools- that stuff is made from PET (the same thing as recyclable soda bottles) and can always be recycled. Take a moment to comment on the blog post below and tell me what you do with empty spool threads- I'm excited to see what creative ways you reuse them and/or if you knew they were recyclable too?

For more sustainable sewing alternatives check out this article in Through The Needle Magazine. Be sure to follow @TrashN2Tees on Instagram so you don't miss out on any weekly #TIPS2SEW.



  1. Good to know. Although I prefer to repurpose. But when there is nothing practical to repurpose to... I'm glad I can recycle as a last resort.

  2. What about Schmetz sewing machine needle packages? I wish there was a way to send them back to the company for re-packaging.
    Thanks for the info 0n spools.


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