Blog Tour: The Maker View Podcast

The second stop today on The Upcycled T-shirt Blog Tour is over on the Maker Mama blog. I spent some time a few weeks ago chatting with Amy Johnson for her podcast The Maker View. It was so much fun and she didn't mind that I requested to video chat (despite this, today's podcast isn't pajama clad. Sorry!) Video chats get two thumbs up, I love being able to connect with someone like that. We talked about the challenges I've faced starting my own business, what I think you need to do in order to be successful. Read: Successful & Profitable are two entirely different things. Plus, she's giving away a copy of my book to one of her readers!! Be sure to head over and check it all out.

Ashley and I are kindred spirits on many levels. She loves her family (check) thrifting (check) creative reuse (check). She has good taste in shoes. She's brilliant and kind. But for a moment let's get back to this thrifting concept. I am totally crushing on her THRIFTING posts so you don't want to miss those while your there either!

Thanks to everyone who is following along on the The Upcycled T-shirt Blog Tour! Check out where we've been so far and where we're heading the rest of the week below.

January 5 Amy Johnson //
January 5 Christa Watson //
January 6 Sandi Hazlewood //
January 6 Mandy Leins //
January 7 Julia Vidile //
January 8 Christopher Thompson //
January 8  Andrea Davis //


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