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Join me at our first stop of the day on Christa Watson blog I was excited to learn that Christa first met my work through an interview I did on The Crafty Planner podcast. Sandi and I a few years ago when she took one of my sewing classes with BERNINA at Craftcation. In all the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of ways I am really grateful to play a small part in the way we are all connected- the sewing industry and community are a testament of how we can grow personally and professionally through inspiration and encouragement as a whole. 

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Issac Newton 

While I was able to knock her socks off with my upcycling prowlness, Christa has super power talents of her own! She loves to teach others how to create quilts from start to finish and that includes all the fluffy batting stuff in between. She has patterns and tutorials available on her blog. Her latest quilt pattern Ribbons is available in Make Modern Magazine. (Pictured Below)

Christa Watson/ Instagram


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