The Upcycled T-shirt Tour Kick Off & Video For You

Instead of easing into the new year, I chose to kick off a year long project with some of my sewing friends. Today we are kicking off The Upcycled T-shirt Blog tour and each day you'll get a chance to visit someone new to see how my book & the ideas inside have inspired them to create.

But that's not all. (Check out this snazzy video I personally filmed just for you just for this occasion!)

Can't see the video? Watch it here

Before even setting pencil to paper on the book, I knew that I wanted to get my feet down in our communities. In real time and in real life. We are more excited to contribute once we have the opportunity to experience something not just talk about it. In 2016 together, we are going to make a statement. Together, even while we might be miles apart, our impact will be seen. Your name will go down in history next to those who've accomplished great things before- like Neil Armstrong, Sophie Smith (who has the longest fur on a cat), and even One Direction holds a Guinness Book World Record. But most importantly we're demonstrating how one small act, 5 minutes of your day, has the power to affect, inspire, and encourage others to change the way we consume and create.

To participate in the The Upcycle T-shirt Largest Ball Of T-shirt Yarn World Record all you need to do it.
Write your name onto the length of yarn (any length is fine! It could be 12'' or 26 feet but ideally 1.5'' width or about) using a permanent marker or tag. This is to help me compile all of the names who participated to be included when The T-shirt Yarn Ball will get officially judged.
  • Share your progress and encourage friends to join us using #TheUpcycledTshirt and #bigballoftshirtyarn on social media 
  • Mail it in before October 1, 2016 to: 
Jenelle Montilone 
T-shirt Yarn Ball Record 
PO Box 754 Bloomsbury, NJ 08804

Be sure to check out all of The Upcycled T-shirt Blog Tour stops this week for chances to win books, prizes, and more. 

January 5 Amy Johnson //
January 5 Christa Watson // 

January 6 Sandi Hazlewood //

January 6 Mandy Leins //

January 7 Julia Vidile // 
January 8 Christopher Thompson //

January 8  Andrea Davis //


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