Dying Fabrics With Rust

The past few weeks I've been content in not sewing an ounce. I was investing so much energy into preparing for events and lectures that my thoughts were beginning to stale. The boys and I have taken on art prompts each morning - much of it mixed media, paper crafting, drawing, painting. Leaving my comfort zone to play and explore in other mediums always helps to recenter my motivation.

Today I started experimenting with rust dying. Luckily- Nicks profession, he's a metal fabricator and all around industrial tool/machinery hoarder... I have access to a lot of different shapes and rusted materials. Now it's just a matter of figuring out what works best, how to fold and manipulate the materials to create patterns.

Here's the coloration after just few hours... I reset the wrenches before taking the picture so you can see the before/after

I'm using vinegar, rusty objects, and will use salt water solution & heat to set the coloring. Check back tomorrow for some progress.


  1. That's fantastically awesome, Jenelle. I love the curvy nature of the wrenches!

    1. Thanks Jess! So many fun pattern options & ideas to play with I could spend a lot of time in this space :)


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