Dying with Rust Experiments: Day Two Imprints

Day two of my rust dying exploration: Late last night I mixed up a bath of warm water and salt. I soaked the wrench prints overnight and now I'm soaking a wrapped design (seen above.)

I found that the best imprints were made with the fabric draped over top of the metals. My lay out was set up with a four sided pan. I prewashed/dryed white Kona cotton fabric. Before laying out a cut piece along the bottom of the pan I soaked it in 3:1 vinegar/water mix- ringing it out so that the fabric was not dripping wet but still quite damp. Placed fabric in bottom of the pan. Arranged rusted materials on top to my pleasing. Then I placed another cut of fabric on top of the arrangement. (The second fabric was prepared the same way) I filled a spray bottle with the same mixture and used it liberally to keep fabrics moist throughout the day.

The top fabric as I mentioned took the best imprint I can imagine for several reasons: 1. the moisture allowed the fabric to drape around/onto the shape of the wrench more clearly defining the shape 2. the exposure of oxygen 3. additional moisture

This piece above has been washed and soaked now, I have it setting in the full sun. Hoping to set the rust and maybe whiten the fabric. I'll share my findings later this week. I also have some samples of other techniques I'll show you including one of my favorites that was made using a stapler. Thanks so much for checking in. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!


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