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Photography holds a special place in my heart, in the grand scheme of things it's what lead me to find my passion for sewing. After Sam was born- I felt a little lost & a lot stale. I loved becoming a mom- it's the best job in the whole wide world, but while growing into that role I had felt as if I needed to sacrifice those passions and goals that defined who I was before becoming a mom. I'm wiser now, I know that not to be true- but there has been a winding road of discovery along the way of which I am incredibly grateful for.

Lake Gold // Photo by Jenelle Montilone 
I recently shared some adventures I've been having shooting abandoned locations. As I find myself reaching again for the camera to create art, not just capture it. I thought it would be a fun idea to enter into our county fairs Amature Photography Show. Participants were allowed to submit 3 photographs with strict parameters and they needed to fit into certain categories.

I displayed a photograph I took on our family trip to the lake, a creative angle of Columbine growing in Ida's garden next door, and finally a broken gauge from the insides of Ingersol-Rand.

Soon Forgotten // Photograph Jenelle Montilone 
Well, count me as surprised when I learned that the Soon Forgotten photograph took Best In Show, First place in it's class, and was recognized with a local honor. My Lake Gold photo also took a ribbon for it's class.

Ida's Garden // Photograph Jenelle Montilon

Fair week here in New Jersey, I hope, is the same in your small towns across the country. I've enjoyed many long hot summer days on those grounds as a fair goer and as a volunteer with the FFA. It's such a joy to experience the same event and discover more ways for our family to connect with the local community. Next year the boys hope to enter into some of the fair competitions too! What do you remember most about your county fair? Do you still look forward to them?


  1. You rock my socks!! I have to admit I haven't been to the fair in a few years. I'd like to go next year though. I do love watching the hot air balloons from my house!

  2. Dude! Tour photography IS amazing but I crave larger images on your blog to show it off! �� stay Awesome my friend!


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