Inspiration Seeking & Urban Exploration

Unearthing rusty gold, digging deep into the roots of our past, all while adding worth to the presence. Photography has always been a coming home of sort for me and in the moments when I feel least creative- it is my outlet for reconnecting.

We are often lead to cross paths with the buildings and businesses that are slowly being swallowed up by nature or greed. Sometimes it's both. Cherishing the relics left behind- even in a still moment, realizing that decades may have gone by since someone inhaled the stale air. I feel obligated to explore and document what I see. 

It's this deep underlying sense of responsibility to our future generations that they have that gift of witnessing the unfiltered beauty and harmony of nature reclaiming it own. In those places where cracks in the wall give way to creeping plants, faded photographs, and broken glass filters the sun- an aged and unforced harmony conceals the true hidden beauty.

There's a whole subculture of Urban Exploration I'm just discovering. Their accounts and explorations will keep you on the edge of your seat. While I have the luxury of invitation- many urbanex'ers go rouge. That means they're often trespassing, entering unsafe structures- nothing like a little danger to get your blood pumping. 

For me, however, urban exploration has become a never ending source of inspiration. It’s a chance to encounter scenes quite unlike those we come across in every day life and document them before their inevitable demise. Perhaps, I hope, that we may learn something about the world and ourselves in the process.


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