Instagram & The Fear Of Missing Out

Before I even had a cup of coffee this morning, I knew today was going to be different. The shifting began a few weeks ago when Instagram announced they'd be shaking up the order you see posts on their network. Many of you watched, and some even joyed, as hundreds of people I know personally flocked to Ello. I'm not even clear on what Ello is, still. I'm stubborn and a tad bit too lazy to take on yet another 'fad' network.

As I tucked myself in this morning preparing my soap box full of love and get over it my pal Cody of Lu & Ed sent this pretty post across my screen:  Why I'm Not Asking Instagram Followers To Turn On Notifications
Cody wrote everything I was thinking and then some- including excellent tips on keeping your followers engaged and (zoinks!) how these changes can actually benefit your brand. Head over there and check it out.


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