A Modern Twist on the T-shirt Quilt

Sewing knits can be a daunting challenge, but what's the worst that could go wrong when working on a t-shirt quilt? Stretching, rolling, shifting, and puncturing your fabric with the wrong needle for starters. I joined Sew Mama Sew to share a comprehensive guide to sewing a t-shirt quilt in modern style.

In Part One we cover all the things you need to get started; where to find t-shirts, and how to maximize your t-shirt material, prepare your t-shirts for piecing and cut them to size.

In Part Two we cover the basic layout, reducing bulky seams, fool proof tips for screen printing the top of your quilt and I’ll show you how to bind the quilt using your backing.

You can still grab my free T-shirt Quilt Pattern on Joanns Fabrics too! Have you tried sewing a quilt with t-shirts? Show it off by uploading an image or tagging yours with hashtag #quiltthetshirt on Instagram and I'll share my favorites!


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