I'm Not A Quilter and That's Okay

Anna Faustino // Tulip Fields 
Do aisles and aisles of quilts excite you? Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to The Quilt and Sewing Fest of New Jersey with my friend Jessica (of Quilty Habit) and her mom Monika. We discovered over Quiltcon West (*neither of us were ACTUALLY even there!) that we're neighbors, living in the same the same town! It's been refreshing to connect with another soft structure maker in the flesh.

While I'm not a quilter of much myself- I have tinkered with a few small quilting with t-shirts projects like the Shut You Pie Hole Mini & my Modern T-shirt Quilt. I do have some, a teeny tiny bit, of experience working with FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) on a domestic machine and have spent a few hours playing with the BERNINA Q24 long arm machine. I absolutely appreciate the art of it. Yesterday's stroll through the aisles, weren't all exciting- and that's okay. That to me doesn't discredit the art, the artist, or the genre. Some were boring, others too busy... I felt like Goldilocks looking for the bed that was juuuuuust right. It was fun!

This is nothing new, as many of my friends and mentors walk in the quilt world. I'm constantly surrounded by their amazing works. I secretly wonder if they'd notice a missing quilt or two- and later recognize them on my couch.

As Jess introduced me to her fellow guild members, they asked if I was thinking about joining the local MQG. I fuddled around with my words, uh, I'm not really sure if it will be right for me- I'm not actually a quilter. Or am I? My mind flashed to 5+ years ago when I was sitting across from Alexandra Franzen she said,
"Did you write today?"
"Yes,  of course I did. Emails, texts, notes from some classes..." I continued my list on.  
"If you wrote today, you are a writer." she replied. 
Working on my own Modern T-shirt Quilt 
Here I am sitting at the computer thinking what I might expect as I visit my first Modern Quilt Guild meeting tomorrow (as a member visitor and not a lecturer.) Thinking about how I'll introduce myself and how I'll be received as NOT being a quilter. Taking Alex's insight to heart, not only am I writer, designer, maker, mom, insanely awesome basketball player, horrible cook; I am in fact a part time quilter.

Things aren't always meant to fit neatly into a box, especially when it comes to creativity. I'm looking forward to visiting the lovely women I've heard so much about and embrace their journey, listen to their stories, and grow as a creative surrounded by others who appreciate all walks of stitchery.


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