5 Year Old Favorites

Meet S. He's my rough and tumble, sweet and sour, monster truck loving, superhero. Eater of macoroni and cheese and pancakes only... but not together.
Here are some of his favorite things: 
Monster Jam: Airforce Afterburner Truck 
He is a long time Grave Digger fan, and frequently changes his own name to Grave Digger, along with Johnny Cash, Bruce Wayne, Batman, Ironman, Robin.... I could go on. This week he received a package in the mail from Nana, and asked who it addressed to. I read his name. He then huffed and said, "My mail should say To: Airforce Afterbuner From: PUS (he means UPS)"

Christmas morning
The boys each have one of these awesome wooden monster trucks,
made by craftygrandpa on etsy. They were gifts (again from Nana... sheesh! spoil much?) Besides the Monster Jam truck collection, this has become a favorite.

I'm a huge fan of anything we can all sing along to in the jeep, so when I heard that the
Bare Naked Ladies had put out a kids album called Snacktime, I had to check it out. S loves loves loves this song, to the point that its worn out on my cd!

I'd love to hear about your childs favorite things, activities, or songs feel free to share in a comment below.


  1. I also have a 5yo, but mine is of the girl variety. She loves horses, and Taylor Swift. She also loves 'Jack and Annie' (Magic Tree House) audio books, and Bella Sara (the computer game and the chapter books). She has recently gotten back into the Sandra Boynton CD's (LOVE her kids music, we have been collecting it for about 5 years now).


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