... the company you keep

Friendship Pack Mini Bean Bag Dolls by stephaniemonroe on Etsy

If you were to ask my gram, she would tell you that others will judge you based on the company you keep. There once was a time when I thought that maybe she was a little loony in her old school ways, but I've come to realize that she was mostly right.
Partnerships, contacts, teams, venues, forums, friendships, sales= connections. As a seller each and every one of these connections can be very influential to you as an artist and a business. Looking around at my own nooks and crannies.  I find myself surrounded with eco minded, tree hugging, nature/adventure lovers, trendy and hip parents, and genuine people who love what they do/create.

My company is a continual source of inspiration and support and I hope that you judge me by the company I keep.

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