Kentucky Crafted: Market

Sunday, I spent the afternoon with my family at the Kentucky Crafted: Market in Louisville, KY.
It is consistently named one of the best art fairs in the country and boasts over 800 artisans from all walks of life. (By that I mean, foodies- handmade- literary- musicans...) To see more, check out the 2011 Market program at:
 I promised I would bring my camera to capture some of my favorite sights, but once I got inside I realized that there was only 1 of 2 batteries in the camera. Whoops! and I am kind of wondering where the other battery made off to?? But thanks to the world wide webbernet I am still able to show and tell.

Artisan Marshmellows? This should sum it up for you: YUM! This is definitely something I have never seen or heard of before and was excited to try the lime and avocado flavor! They're  made using all natural ingredients including Michigan beet sugar, Ohio glucose, and Indiana cornstarch. I'll be raving about these lovely ladies from Indiana for a while- you can stop in

Besides the great food we tasted, I think that our favorite attractions were the exhibitors that had live demos. The boys had the chance to touch the wool as it was being spun, weave looms, and even watch as another artist created some vibrant lampwork beads right in front of our eyes. I found myself submerged in their craft, skill, and a new found appreciate for all they create. So many of the friendly people welcomed my oldest son in and discussed they're paintings, designs, and mediums with him- I am so thankful for each of them taking the time to foster the curiosity and imagination of a 5 year old. 

PhbeaD is local to me (kind of) out of Berea, KY. She has PhD in Biochemistry and combines her love for science and jewelry. I am drawn to her work because its beautiful, unique, and her desire to preserve natures environment. 

Another way to catch my eye, is to use recycled materials! I can't help it- I am a sucker for all things repurposed. (as you already know) When I came upon Mayapple Creations, and read the hanging banner that said (We Use Recycled Metals)... or something to that effect. I had to stop and find out more. Josie and her husband use only hands tools creating intricate designs inspired by nature. They use recycled sterling silver and copper as well as fair trade recycled glass to accent their work. 

Check out some of my other favorites by visiting they're sites below: 
Bonnie Blincoe: Handmade Glass Beads
Handwoven Baskets by the Kentucky Lady 
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