A Production Block: Inside the Studio

Not unlike that of its counter part- the creative block, a production block is just as frustrating. Not being able to produce... or in my case not producing enough. I seem to struggle with how to manage my time between family- housework- trashn2tees. I guess a lot of work at home moms (and dads too) have this battle. I'm going to give myself a habitual make over and test out a few different strategies to break through the production block.

Maybe I should clarify a little bit, I'm getting my custom orders filled and work done... but I feel like I should be able to stock more new items. I'm not suffering from a creative block, my juices they are aflowing- in fact I have a few designs just sitting around waiting to be cut out. I just feel like I don't have the time. But the time is there- if I can figure out how to manage it.
Reading this today.
 The first order of business was to clean out the studio. I believe that a messy disorganized work space can be a total production block. It had gotten to the point where I was constantly having to move something to work. I was previously storing clothing in totes sorted by cut/uncut, colors, patterns, and gender. Once my totes were all maxed out I thought that I could neatly pile organize, ha! Needless to say things got a little out of hand and the piles took over the studio.  I spent the past 2 days cleaning and reorganizing and I swear its been like a breath of fresh air.

You see a pile there don't you? I know, I know- I completely underestimated the amount of blank tshirts I had (you see the pile on table and on rack) I need to pick up more hangers. The clothing rack and smaller white table are new additions to the studio. The table is covered with a cutting mat and will be the perfect place to slice and dice tees but also gives me additional light when making earrings and tinkering with little pieces.  (Old age= bad eye sight) I ended up unloading 190lbs of clothing and material which were donated and/or sent to recycling. We had some fun guessing the final total on my facebook page where Rosemary and Theresa came [this] close to guessing the exact amount with 192lb and 193.3lb! Thanks to everyone who joined in!

How do you manage your time as a mom or as a small biz owner? Do you have any advice or ideas that will help me break free from this production block? I can't think of a better time to become more productive with the holiday season rollin in. Let me know if you need some encouragement as well.


  1. Thanks for sharing my post Jenelle! I have another coming up on OMH on Sept. 26th on this very topic!

  2. Meagan, so happy you stopped by! Thank you! I am always looking forward to your helpful and inspiring posts- can't wait to read this next one on OMHG!


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