Keeping Relevant on Etsy: Recency still matters, folks

I've written a few posts now that will help you get your Etsy shop found via etsy searches and the world wide webbernet, including How to Get Found: Shop Sections are Meta Tags and Keeping Relevant on Etsy: How to get found but I felt that we all needed a little reminder. "Recency still matters, folks!"
 Relisting is much less important with the search changes, but it hasn’t entirely gone away. There are still places that recency is a factor:

Category pages are still sorted by Most Recent. Customers that navigate to categories like Coffee Tables will see the most recently renewed or created items.

The Etsy home page still has a Recently Listed Items section. It’s the easiest way to get on the Etsy home page - although if you blink, you might miss it.

Broad search queries – searches that return more than 100,000 results – will use recency to sort the top matches. Etsy’s example is a search for “dress” that returns nearly 180,000 results – “jewelry” returns over 2 million. In these hotly-contested areas where so many items match exactly, recency will still put you on the top.

Searches – while defaulting to Relevancy for sorting, there is also a prominently-featured strip along the top of each search showing Recently Listing items that match the search. There are 4 items showing, but 40 total if you page through with the arrow buttons.


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