Keeping Relevant on Etsy: How To Get Found

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 I'm not sure how many of you keep up with Etsy changes,  there are many I admit. I might be one of the few who actually think *most* of them are moving towards bettering the etsy shopping experience. Except for removing the chat rooms... but that is a rant for another day. Over a week ago Etsy switched its default search from Most Recent to Relevant. Really? It makes sense right? If you're a shopping and you want to find a Monster Truck Tshirt you don't want to have to wade through random items ranging from birthday party invitations to back hoes and fire trucks. The new search has many shop owners in a tizzy- and trying to figure out what it takes to become relevant.

Are you wondering how to become relevant on Etsy? Here are a few tips to get found:

-Your titles matter *more than your tags right now*

-Use all 14 tags (20 character limit) Be descriptive. Red Scarf, Merino Wool Use terms that customer would to search/find you. Tag order does not matter.

-Recency still plays a factor in relevancy. A little bit.

-Use key words in your description, upfront right in the beginning. Repeating key words in title and tags helps Etsy SEO Repeating key words in title and listing helps Google SEO

-Shop stats and Google Analytics are your friends! Use them. Check for your highest ranking key words- Use these in your titles and tags

-Category attributes are NOT being factored into listings (thats the new section where you can decide who your item is for/holiday/style found on your new listing page)

-The Etsy Search result formula is 'top secret' but some things we know ARE factored in- Titles, Descriptions,Tags, Exact Word Search Matches (meaning I search for Red Merino Scarf and you have red scarf in your title, tags, listing = you should show up in my results) If your shop returns several listings equally relevant they may be spaced to show a diversified return

Read: HeyMichelles post "Relevancy Tips: How to Make Your Shop More Relevant"

Join the Helpful Relevancy Team  if you'd like help brainstorming tags and titles, discuss SEO and Relevancy Changes, and make positive connections with other sellers as we all strive to be discovered.

I'd love to hear you're feedback on the relevancy changes, as a seller do you feel like you're being found? I'm wondering what you're expectations are. As a buyer- are you finding what you're looking for? If you prefer to search the old way (Most Recent) you can manually switch your search settings.

**Updated 1/22/12: I have also published 2 other "How to get found" posts I hope you find them helpful!   How to Get Found: Shop Sections are Meta Tags and Keeping Relevant on Etsy: Recency Still Matters, folks.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the props! This is some great info, and well-presented, too! <3

  2. Thank you for this! I can never seem to wrap my head around all of the search relevancy stuff, and you laid it out perfectly!

  3. Thanks Kerri for stopping by! Anytime Lex- I am happy to help!

  4. THANK YOU!!!! I've been reading through all the FAQs and my head is swimming. This is the clearest description I've seen yet. You are fantastic!

  5. Hannah WhittingtonAugust 23, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    Thanks! I was so confused about the new search relevancy, but you laid it out there...AND it made sense!

  6. So does this mean that I do not have to list a few items each day to stay found anymore? That would be a relief! I would rather have a marathon listing making than a few each day........

  7. I do feel like I'm being found. I was never able to renew consistently, so I feel like my views and favorites are way more than they used to be, because people are actually finding me.

  8. Cranky in a way it does- however once everyone becomes relevant I do believe it will revert a little bit back to renewing- if you want to stay on top of the pack. Don't forget that renewing also puts your listing in the top row ticker (Recently Listed)

  9. awesome thanks so much! i have been revamping and revamping my etsy store i'm trying to find sanity and the best info out there. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I would like know if etsy has made the transition to vintage over homemade and one of a kind items? I sell antiques and vintage art deco items. I'm not doing so well. I believe that I have my titles and descriptions down, as well as my key words ... but nothing much seems to be happening.

    I'm using my facebook page well and I pin and tweet. But ... who's out there looking is the question I guess.

  11. Does etsy provide information on what is being searched and the top sales categories? I'd be really interested since I sell vintage and antiques versus home made and craft goods.

    I play the facebook, twitter and pin it game and don't really see results.

    How is being noticed by sellers helpful? Are we selling to them? I get very confused about what's going on.

    I think I have my titles, description and keywords down ... but not a lot of action. Granted my items are on the pricy side but people don't seem to be shy about asking for deals and such.



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