Fresh Off the Scissors

Pumpkin Pie Love -Ladies Tshirt size Large (Not yet listed) 
Nothing says autumn like pumpkin pie-  brings back the fond memories I have of sitting around a local New Jersey diner at the wee hours of the morning with my best friend drinking too much coffee and enjoying pumpkin pie.
Drink ID- Name your Poison Tags
You'll never loose your drink again, even if your names not (really) Ed. Just slip the adjustable name tag over your favorite brew.
Caddy Shack in progress
 Monster Jam is still a favorite here, but all it took was a dancing gopher to sell my guys on the game of golf. Yesterday we took the boys to play 9 holes, and Sam wanted a golfing shirt to wear. After putting this one together in a jiffy we decided it needs a gopher.... so its a work in progress.


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