Plastic bag it (gasp!) Display and Packaging

It was getting close to crunch time, and I still had not decided on the best way to bag at live venues (ie: craft fairs & festivals) I had been flipping through the Uline catalog and dog eared a page or two. Of course the nice colorful paper bags with handles were a little bit out of my price range and there was no way I planned on adding to the plastic bag waste stream.

Reusing plastic bags that we already had, and some that've been collected (thank you neighbors) I printed my own stickers "TrashN2Tees Saved Me from the Landfill! Please recycle me when you're done." and stuck'm right on there. I thought it was a pretty clever idea.

I scoured the web for some other cool and creative ways (budget friendly too!) to distribute and display your goodies.

  Craft Show Preparations from What No Mints? 

triflewares said on the Etsy Forums: 
I know it sounds weird, but I get the small sized paper sandwich bags, cut a few inches off the top to make them shorter, and hot glue some scrap ribbon on for the handles. They look great, don't take long at all to make, and are really cheap!
I love the simple brown paper bag with a stamp idea, and think it could be extremely beneficial to reinforce your brand- I'm excited to get real time feedback on my plastic bags this weekend.


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