Kentucky Heartwood Festival Photos

Yesterday, TrashN2Tees made its festival/show debut, and it couldn't have been any place better than the Kentucky Heartwood Festival. The laid back crowd and neighboring vendors made for a fun and easy going day of conversations and selling. They also had several hands on exhibits and activities throughout the day which my boys were there to enjoy. While they were splashing in the creek and learning about the eco system from biologist-  I learned a little more about preparing my booth set up! ( including you can not put up an "easy pop up tent" by yourself. Thanks to those who came to my rescue!)

View from my booth- Say Hi to Kim from Needles and Kims on the left!

Haven't seen these in stock yet- have you? Name your Drink Tags.
Free temporary tattoos for the kids!
Shouting a big ole Thank You! to everyone who came by and checked out TNT- I met some amazing people and look forward to reconnecting with many of you soon!


  1. we're Proud of you andTrashN2Tees!!

  2. Thanks!!! (whomever you are! haha xoxox)

  3. It was great meeting you yesterday! Now I can finally clean out my t-shirt drawer without feeling guilty!

  4. Terri it was great to meet you too! Haha anytime, though I think I'll be keeping you busier throwing pottery- Thanks again for everything. Nick already stole my cup!!!


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