Whats Moo? You don't need business cards.

You may recall how extremely excited I was about my first purchase of Moo business cards (and I do still love them) but after spending that much money I got to thinking that maybe it wasn't the most effective way of promoting my handmade business. Where do business cards end up? Many of them are stuffed in a junk drawer along with markers and menus or spend countless days floating around the bottom of your bag. So when I started working on Preparation H I started brainstorming some different (and still affordable) promotional ideas. The whole idea is to make your shop/business stand out and be remembered. We all want to be remembered don't we?
I've managed to add some pretty cool items to my arsenal all the while supporting and promoting other handmade artists! (pats self on back) Sima Designs created the awesome stamp for me, you get your own starting at $16.50. I use it on everything! I stamp my mailers, hang tags, and I've even used it with fabric ink to stamp sleeve bags! My buttons have been a huge hit, I got them at  Get Your Buttons (currently on vacation) *the illustration featured there is me! and was made by NatSmithIllustration on Etsy.  I picked up a DIY temporary tattoo kit and printed my own all the while in my pjs and slippers. When the time came to reorder my business cards, I didn't go back to Moo. I uploaded my own design onto Vistaprint and snagged 500 cards for less than $15 total through an exclusive offer. Compare that to the $159.98 for 400 cards from Moo. Wow!

Maybe you don't need business cards after all. Get creative and put yourself on a sticker, pen, pin, magnet and stick your brand somewhere new. And, it's also got me wondering what do you do with business cards you're given?


  1. Awesome ideas! I also love me some Vistaprint. When they have a sale on their postcards, I get some printed with some of the photos I've already got uploaded of my dolls or stuffed animals (with my website address on the back), and give those out as freebies. They end up costing just about as much as a business card, but it's something useful and/or cute and pretty that someone can use or keep.

  2. Great idea Rachel, Vistaprint certainly runs some great offers. I think my next purchase might be a banner!

  3. I was thinking of making some brochure/postcards for dropping off at boutiques.

    We print all of our business cards and labels from home, so even though it doesnt save us on time, it does in money.

    I LOVE THE tattoos, and custom stamp. Of course I also love the buttons.

  4. I will have to look into the stamp! Another great website I like to use is nextdayflyers.com. Their prices on postcards and business cards is very reasonable, and the quality is very good. I have used Vistaprint before but I was happier with my products from nextdayflyers.


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