178 Sleeps, 13 Hours, 7 Minutes until Christmas

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Here at TNT, I've been starting to grind my gears and getting ready for the holidays. Already?? I know, its not even July yet- but I am hoping to get prepared early and hopeful that I'll have a successful and non-chaotic/stressful shopping (er... sewing) season. I'm already starting to feel a little frenzy tickling my bones- besides Preparation H (H is for the Holidays) I will also be preparing for 2 first time events. July 31st TrashN2Tees will be featured on the run way in Louisville, KY at the Summers End fashion show and Aug. 6th we'll be groovin at the Heartland Wood Music Festival.

I've been working on stream lining my packaging and product/packaging tags. Last week I included a freebie produce bag and a few days later I had a message thanking me for the soap shirt. (You're very welcome though!)  Uh oh- I learned a valuable lesson there, my product packaging per item needs to be clearly labeled. I'm also testing out a new tag idea- I've always included a handwritten inspirational quote on recycled tag since the beginning of time. Same concept only a small twist- my tags now are stamped with "Recycling is smart and so are you!" and include a handwritten factoid -example: Honey bees can fly at 15mph. 
Did you know that? 

A few other things I'm working on now to reduce the stress later: 
-building up stock 
-gathering tshirts like a squirrel 
- you may have noticed some fall and holiday items already listed 
- i will be limiting custom orders during the holiday season and offering incentives to those who shop early (look for it!) 

 I'm extremely excited for all of the new adventures ahead, and shaking in my britches all at the same time. I'd love it if you have any pearls of wisdom to share regarding Preparation H (makes me laugh every time!), my first booth/show, or feel free to share any random factoids!


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