Repurposed Mens Dress Shirt to Womans Halter Tunic

After spending hours on the road the boys were itching to get outside and run wild, do you blame them? I try to take work outside when I can, and after being loaded down on the trip with several bags of TNT "trash" I sat on the porch and got to work cutting up tees. There were several mens button down oxford shirts (is that the right name for them?) and while hacking off the cuffs for wallets I decided on whim to design a womans halter shirt from it. There are some alterations I might make, including adding pockets on the front and trimming the sleeves but its something I just whipped up in a matter of 20 minutes. Oh and it certainly could stand to be ironed. Let me know if your interested in a tutorial and I'll get one up for you. I even thought this might be a really cute idea w/ huge apron like pockets in the front to wear at craft shows or farmers markets.
also pictured is the vintage upcycled mens tie cuff bracelet (available on etsy)
 Wondering how the shirt cuff wallets turn out? 


  1. I want a tutorial on the mens shirt into a halter!! My husband just cleaned out his closet and I have a pile of button down shirts. I wanted to make them into tunics for me ( I have no idea how) but the halter is adorable :)
    Bridgett Zaidi

  2. hey bridgett! ill work on getting one put together for ya- thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. It looks like a GREAT gardening apron! :)

  4. So are we thinking it should get apron like pockets then?

  5. It's adorable Jenelle!! it's a pretty cool stuff and a new design top for women's. The picture you have shared looks great and i appreciate your creativity. Good job.


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