Finger Knitted Upcycled Tshirt Tutorial

Remember a few weeks ago when we took that 11 hour road trip? I had the worst right arm tan/burn ever- and the best part about it all was the band of white around my wrists where my colorful upcycled tshirt fuselets had been. I wish I had taken some time to snap a picture and share but I've since evened up. 
Stop by V and Co. for this nifty no sew tutorial and make you own, just remember to wear sunscreen!  *she uses new jersey knit fabric here but I would absolutely improvise with some upcycled tshirts!
All you need! *tshirt/scissors/and some digits. 
I also want to throw out there, that I completely forgot the art of finger knitting that I had once mastered in elementary school. I might need to hang out with the local Brownies to see what other cool craft magic I can rekindle.


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