Yoga Pants Prototype

 I have a confession to make, I possess secret powers. Think of it like x-ray vision... only I see a t-shirt and automatically these red (cut along the) dotted lines appear. Not all shirts are created equally and differences are more than thread deep. Quality, material, colors, graphics... I'm sure those come to mind for a lot of people. Textures, embellishments, seams, shape, size (length, width, area), sleeves, hems, placement all factor in a well.

I've had Mama Yogis on my to do list for 10 months now, since I debuted the TrashN2Tees kids Pantalones- and I promised to design an equally comfortable and cool pair for us ladies. The problem I keep running into with this idea is the original shirt measurements have to be just right in order to get a good length and width from the same tshirt- I could always take the easy way out and make 1 pair of pants from 2 tshirts I suppose. I'm still tinkering with my pattern for these but wanted to share what is in the works- they're not available yet. But here's a tutorial to make your own. Another thing I'm working on is honing my super secret powers to laser cut along the lines- that would save me so much time cutting! ((squinting my eyes and making laser noises now))


  1. I have made a pair of t-shirt yoga pants and really need to make more. They are so comfy!

    I wish I had your super power :)

  2. Tina, I'd prefer my super power to be something a little more useful- like being able to jump tall buildings in a single leap or control the weather.


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