How to get Found: Etsy Sections are Meta Tags

When I first opened up shop, I vowed to learn everything there was about SEO in one sitting. I realized pretty fast that its impossible. Each day I challenge myself to learn something new and lately relevancy here on Etsy has been my daily dose. However I thought I would give you something new to digest.

Simple version: Much of SEO is done through meta data, which is part of a website’s code that is read by search engines. Meta data for SEO has three main components: page title, meta description and meta keywords.

We've already discussed here how important a good title and description are- so I am skipping straight to the meta keywords. Meta keywords are generally not visible to someone viewing a web page, but they are used by search engines to help rank relevancy of pages in search results. There are pieces of information you control for your shop and item listing pages that can make an impact on your shops SEO and your shop sections are one of them. The sections within your shop are used as meta keywords for your shop page and by using accurate descriptions can boost your results in Google/web searches. 


Some of my shop sections include:
Upcycled Jewelry
Recycled Tshirt Bags
Upcycled Kids Clothing

If you have any questions, please post them- If you'd like help optimizing your own Etsy shop or need help brainstorming ideas for titles and tags please join us at the Helpful Relevancy Team.


  1. GR8 article! I have a question...Based on your description of how our Shop Sections are Meta Tags, wouldn't your shop sections do better if "Upcycled" wasn't the first word in 2 sections? Or maybe I just don't understand.

    I recently changed my Shop sections' names from "Vintage [...]" by removing the word "Vintage" from all of them. They're now:

    Brooches / Pins

    Is this what you mean? Thanx for all you share!


    "Marlo's Marvelous Finds 'N Creations"

    1. Hey Marlo! So glad you found this useful. Here's my take on it- When people search for something very rarely is it going to be a single word.

      Upcycled for instance is going to be return gobs of results at a wide variety of topics.

      However someone is much more likey to search for Upcycled Jewelry or Upcycled Tshirt. Here's a great INC. article about picking the right key words:


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